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A whopping 1000m2 of ice!

15th November 2019 -  5th January 2020

Open every day (except Christmas day)

Royal Victoria Park, Bath, BA1 2NR

Terms & Conditions

By visiting and using this website you are expressly accepting to abide by the rules set by Excel Tennis Ltd. You agree to the terms and conditions and will accept that if you do not we may ban you, cancel tickets and possibly take legal action against you. We do not promise that this website will be error free or that it will work seamlessly every time. We cannot guarantee that any downloads from this site will be virus free and will not be liable to any damage caused. The content of this website is property of Excel Tennis Ltd and you are agreeing to visit and copy the pages for personal use only. You must gain the permission of Excel Tennis Ltd before copying or publishing the content.

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Excel Tennis Ltd retains the right to refuse admission to the site and especially ice rink if they deem someone unsuitable. Anyone suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to skate and will not be given a refund. Such persons can be asked to leave the site at any time.

Excel Tennis Ltd is not liable for any loss or damage to property or injuries sustained unless caused by negligence on the part of an Excel Tennis Ltd employee.

The ice rink is under the control of Excel Tennis Ltd and they retain the right to close it without notice if it is deemed necessary. The operations and use of the rink will be determined by Excel Tennis Ltd and must be adhered to at all times.

This is an outdoor event in winter and we advise all patrons to dress appropriately. No refunds will be given due to undesirable weather. If on the occasion the rink manager deems it necessary to temporarily close off the rink, alternative sessions will be arranged.

All contact details that you submit will be held by Excel Tennis Ltd and not passed onto third parties. We may contact you by email/post/mobile telephone from time to time with information we feel may be suitable.

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